King Street, San Francisco

With the N-Judah passing by….

A Jewel Of A City

Powell Street, April 2014

Market Street, San Francisco 2011

Game Boy

The amazing Ritz:

Slippery When Wet

Lawton Street, Sunset District, San Francisco

In The Sunset…

Interstate 280

39 seconds, well spent.


In the Sunset.  Some history here.

Taraval Street, San Francisco

More Rain Please…

We really need it.

MUNI 10 Townsend bus, Pacific Street, San Francisco

Freeway Entrance

How Do You Get To Carnegie Hall?

I am reminded of that old vaudeville joke about a boy carrying a violin.

The boy approaches an older man in a subway station, tugs on his coat sleeve, and asks “Excuse me, Mister.  How do you get to Carnegie Hall?”

And the man replies “Practice, my boy… practice.”