San Mateo County Fair, shooting with Bob and Alan.

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  1. Avatar Matt B.
    Matt B. says:

    great colors…I took some pictures out in the Marin Headlands this weekend and got a couple of shots I’d like to share. If you want to take a look that’d be cool and maybe give some feedback.

  2. What a great splash of color!
    It was fun shooting with you Friday night.

  3. Avatar Matt Berke
    Matt Berke says:

    Cool, here’s a link to my flickr page: http://www.flickr.com/photos/59037362@N08/

  4. Fairs are so interesting…
    my stomach won’t let me get on anything there, but they’re still fascinating places – always lots to see.
    Great shot, Stuart!

  5. Good stuff there, Stuart – you’re going to give Bob a run for his money!