Those Guns Would Probably Work Better If They Took The Caps Off

The USS Iowa, temporarily berthed at the Port of Richmond.

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  1. 10:36 am, December 15, 2011SpilledInkGuy  / Reply

    P = F/A

    (love the s t r e t c h here, Bob… makes the subject matter even more ‘dominating’… awesome!)

    • 10:56 am, December 16, 2011Bob  / Reply

      Thanks, SIG. Shooting with the 8mm is always fun.

  2. 7:12 pm, December 15, 2011Vladimir  / Reply

    The caps are there to keep the pigeons out, the Navy has to protect itself from lawsuits by pigeon lovers.

    • 10:58 am, December 16, 2011Bob  / Reply

      I wish all the pigeons would turn into parrots. How cool would that be. Their antics are much more fun to watch.

  3. 8:24 pm, December 15, 2011Alan Grinberg  / Reply

    Cap guns.

    • 10:58 am, December 16, 2011Bob  / Reply

      I had fun trooping around with you in Richmond on Sunday, Alan. Glad we got onboard, even though nearly all of the ship is off-limits.

  4. 3:32 pm, January 4, 2012Sean Kane  / Reply

    Very nice. Lucky moment with light foot traffic. :)

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