On Saturday, tens of thousands of South Carolinians will cast their vote for a man who believes marriage should be between one man and two women who don’t have cancer yet.


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  1. Polygamy is a very practical concept and should be legal. In my case, my Harem consists of Leicas, and if they weren’t constantly nagging me to F..k around with them, my productivity would be much less than it is. Some of my best images happened only because I was out there to keep one of them from nagging………

    • *chuckle*

      I have no problem with open relationships and polygamy (other than it makes divorce settlements incredibly messy). What bothers me is Newt’s hypocracy (defending the “sanctity of marriage” etc.).

      I love Dan Savage’s comments regarding the spin that Newt was just asking for an open relationship. Savage said:

      “Technically you’re not asking your wife for an open marriage if you’ve already been fucking another woman for six years. You’re presenting your wife with an ultimatum. That doesn’t make you a proponent of open marriage, Newt, it makes you a Complete Piece Of Shit.”

  2. A very thought-provoking piece, indeed, Bob…

    • Andy Borowitz (@BorowitzReport) has been skewering the Republicans with one-liners:

      BREAKING: Stung By Defeat, Romney Considers Adultery

      BREAKING: Gingrich Leads Romney By Two Wives

      A sign of Gingrich’s new confidence: he just changed his Facebook status to “in an open relationship.”