Finding peace and quiet in the south bay.

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  1. 5:41 am, February 12, 2013JennRene  / Reply

    i love this.. thanks for taking it. why the name… alviso??

    • 7:51 am, February 12, 2013Bob  / Reply

      Hi, JennRene. Thank you!

      Alviso is an old, small town about 50 miles south of San Francisco, on the southernmost edge of San Francisco Bay. I’ve photographed there before… a somewhat extreme daytime long exposure of a moving train:

  2. 2:07 pm, February 15, 2013kc!  / Reply

    Love this shot—poetry in pixels. I have a few similar (but not nearly as good) ones from when I used to live there. Did you get a chance to shoot the ghost town of Drawbridge, CA when you were there too? (walk the railroad out a few miles towards the East)

    • 2:53 pm, February 15, 2013Bob  / Reply

      Thanks, kc! And thanks for braving All City with the slow performace we’ve been having. I’m hoping to have that fixed shortly.
      I didn’t mske it to Drawbridge. We hung around for the sunset on the water instead.

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