Portrait Of An Old Man

Seen at More Mojo Chiropractic in Noe Valley.

My portraiture skillz are improving :-)


5 Responses to Portrait Of An Old Man

  1. You really caught that smile. Nice work!

  2. I LIKE it. I LOVE it. But there is something really strange about the focus–the very nearest is in sharp focus and so is the background, but some stuff in the middle looks out of focus. 2 exposures focused differently, mated? Can’t figure it out. But definitely a better image this way, with the very curious selective focus. Spill the beans, Bob. We thirst for knowledge. I LIKE it. I LOVE it. Just can’t figure it out.

    • Ah those TSA scanners are strange devices, aren’t they, Donald?
      Truth is the photo was shot at f/2.8, meaning the DOF is very narrow. The front of the face was in focus but the neck was not.
      Then I added a textured overlay in Photoshop – something with cracks and shadows – to increase the spooky feeling. The overlay was sharp throughout the frame, so it makes the backdrop curtain appear to be simultaneously in and out of focus.
      You have good eyes, Donald. Most people wouldn’t notice something like that.

  3. NICE! I love the super-shallow d.o.f, Bob…
    reminds me of those classic old portraits where the subject’s eyes were crisp but things had begun to fade dramatically by the time you looked as far back as the ear… awesome!!!