The view from the front windshield somewhere along Highway 1, just south of San Francisco.

Also — a big thanks to Stuart for solving All City’s increasingly bad performance problems.  Hope the experience on the site has improved for you!

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  1. 5:58 pm, February 18, 2013Stuart  / Reply

    Glad to see it working better :)

    • 6:00 pm, February 18, 2013Bob  / Reply

      It’s a great improvement, Stuart. You’re a genius!
      Thank you!

  2. 2:38 pm, February 20, 2013Donald Kinney  / Reply

    That is really one cool shot!

    • 7:03 pm, February 20, 2013Bob  / Reply

      Thanks, Donald!

  3. 10:27 am, February 21, 2013spilledinkguy  / Reply

    Raw energy!
    (I was just noticing how much quicker A.C. loaded today, too…)

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