Magellan Endeavour

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  1. Why do I photograph ships? Because Elliot Erwit photographs dogs, and I hate dogs. When I lived in Frisco, ships were part of the scenery from cliffs where I went for meditation. Not much nautical traffic past Crockett, but I like to use ships as test targets, in this case a test of Adox CMS 20, allegedly the sharpest film on earth. It requires a very special developer which I will ignore while I brew my own. This roll of Adox I developed with a roll of Ortho, and the Adox was extremely overdeveloped, but this underexposed frame printed via #1 filter. Sharpest film I’ve ever used, and my old 135 Elmarit impresses me……….

  2. The sharpness comes through, especially in the larger scan that you sent me. Appropriate for this industrial hulk. Probably less so for portraiture, I would think.

    • Seems like it’s the intricate fine detail that makes contraptions interesting. Decaying houses, collapsing barns, beached old boats, rusting cars, all that stuff attracts ………the portrait types tend toward low resolution images that don’t show body hairs. Vladimir has a serious case of Leica-itis and is fanatic about sharpness…..