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Preserving Memories Through Digitizing Photos

Got shoeboxes of old photos or albums piled up under the living room table? Imagine sorting them through, whether rummaging for great shots for an upcoming party project or simply keeping things organized, where would you start? You can have it done per occasion, child, family member, by birthyear or milestone. Either way, the tedious and lengthy process can take all day at the very least, and you'd most likely end up with a clutter of pictures.

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Your family's history deserves to be preserved in a neatly and orderly fashion. What's the use of capturing some of the greatest moments of your life and compiling keepsakes of your ancestors, kin, circle of friends, when they're nowhere to be found when you want to look at them? Considering a typical family household has thousands of photos taken both by digital cameras and film, most of them just lay forgotten. Tucked away in boxes or somewhere among the tons of files on your hard drive and all you can do is remember.

This is why owning the best photo scanning software makes it all worthwhile, topped with the fact that digitizing time-old photographs is now fast and easy. Availability and affordability of the DIY family imaging project in a a simple and easy-to-use Photo Scanning Software makes it possible. Scanning and organizing your entire photograph collection is so much easier with the help of the right equipment, software and additional services. Discover the advantages of turning paper into digital photos and how manage projects big or small by scanning your photos the right way.

Benefits of Photo Digitization

Scanning your precious photos and slide collection presents some invaluable benefits. Here are some benefits of digitizing photos:


Hate going through mountains of photos to find the one you're looking for? Digitize! You'll have your pictures arranged in order, all according to your preference. Our fantastic system of creating contact sheets will make searching for that picture a snap. In today's world, it's all about finding and sharing great pictures. You can have your newly-digitized photos arranged by person, month, year, specific date or by specific events. Have a group of pictures ready with just a few clicks.


Old, traditional photos can get easily damaged if you're not careful. They can get scratched, smudged, spilled over, and some even might be lost in catastrophic events. Getting a digitized version of your precious originals gives you peace of mind, knowing that your files are safe and sound inside digital archives. Plus, you'll have the added option of being able to print out what you need any time.


How would you like your photo quality to be as good as the day you took them? Printed photos are not damage-proof, and they can suffer the warping effects of extreme heat and the sun. Through constant handling they can show signs of wear and tear. Thank goodness for photo editing software, as they can digitally restore your snapshots to original quality.

Things don't last forever, and that goes the same for pictures. In time, they fade and the images lose their original sharpness. Negatives and slide collections degrade. Loose pictures in albums get scratched and rub off against each other. They can bend or invariably rip. Take stock of the old photos you have, and you'll see this is true. Professional photo editors can work their magic and erase the passage of time. They can make your old photos look as vibrant and as clear, good as new.

Editing Purposes

Love putting those great pictures for use in scrapbooking? Then you'll love having them digitized. You now have the power to edit them as you please. Get creative with a wealth of software tools and options available in bringing a personal touch. Make the flaws disappear, crop to bring the viewer's attention to the object or make it weirder or more fun. It's all up to you.


Digitizing your photos makes it even more convenient and easier to share with your friends and family. Simply digitize your childhood pictures and upload them quickly to your social media account. All the blur and imperfections of old pictures will disappear.


One of the most important benefit in digitizing your photos is preservation. As people get older, they would want to collect and group their memorable pictures and preserve them for showing to their kids or grandkids. There's now a modern option to show your trip to Mt. Everest with your grandchildren. Plus, you won't have to rummage through boxes of things in the attic just to show them how you were so silly as a child. You can now store photos in a central location that's protected and always available for viewing.

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Scanner Software Options

More often than not, software that come with scanners do not wow users with results, but there are certainly software packages that were built for this purpose. Not limited to instructions on how to interface and operate the machine, additional tools provide features missing from the manufacturer's basic scanner software package. Presenting you the ultimate solution of a feature-packed comprehensive tool that's been simplified for home use. A Photo Scanner Software that lets you embark on photo organization while saving time, money, and most importantly, your priceless memories- ScanSpeeder.

Transform your traditional flatbed scanner into a robust, highly-efficient photo-scanning tool that functions to scan multiple photos at once, and so much more. Scanning of old photos is made a lot easier, faster and cost-effective with the simplified process of the ScanSpeeder Photo Scanning Software.

Putting as many photos as you can fit on your flatbed scanner cuts back a significant amount of time. What's more, ScanSpeeder will automatically segregate the photos into separate image files to your convenience. This means you can scan directly from a photo album pagerather than take them out one by one and scan each of them endlessly. When placing multiple pictures, photos will be straightened out for you so there's no worrying about alignment, spacing or placement. But if you want more control over adjustments, ScanSpeeder has a manual option to suit the most discerning home user.

What about the comments found on the back of photographs? Scribbles made by your loved ones or captions, names and dates you've marked yourself? ScanSpeeder does the task of digitizing them too, where tagging comments will permanently embed them into the photo file. Not only does this brilliant Photo Scanning Software help preserve and backup photos, keep records and notes, but advanced goals will be met with advanced technology. You can create and share albums for reunions, anniversaries, weddings, and all other special events in your life. In almost an instant, you can email high-quality photos to family and friends or upload to social networks.

You get an all-in-one package in ScanSpeeder. No wonder, thousands of customers have realized its importance for converting photographs. It's the ultimate Photo Scanning Software with awesome features at the best price, with matching excellent customer service you can't find anywhere else.


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