Bob Horowitz

In real life, I am a recently retired Silicon Valley IT manager who as been living in — and loving — San Francisco for over three decades.

Regarding photography, I am self-taught, which explains my brilliant portraiture skillz.

More about my bad habits here and here and here.

Anyway, when I’m not here or surfing porn online, I can be found terrorizing the internets via Flickr and Twitter. I can also be reached at bob(at)

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  1. 5:25 am, March 24, 2011Kelly  / Reply

    Hi Bob! This is great. And that picture of your mom and her fanny pack and the man with only half a head is one of my all time favorites – of yours and in general.
    Hope to see you soon!

    • 7:53 am, March 24, 2011Bob  / Reply

      Hi, Kelly! That other guy is Jim. And it was pure luck to have caught Mom in a natural pose (if you call a dislocated arm natural). Anyway, she’s the best mom in the whole world.

      I’ll be out in Massachusetts in a few months, knocking at your door.

  2. 11:12 am, March 25, 2011nicole  / Reply

    that picture of your mom and jim makes me love you even more. really.
    looking forward to seeing all the updates here ;) you guys are all fantastic.


    • 12:13 pm, March 25, 2011Bob  / Reply

      Thanks, Nicole! We need to go shooting again soon. In fact, Santa Cruz trembles in anticipation of our arrival.

  3. 3:37 pm, March 25, 2011Doug Avery  / Reply

    Bob, a big WOW.

  4. 2:13 pm, April 9, 2011Craig Sillitoe  / Reply

    Bob I love your photography, thanks very much for sharing. I especially like your ‘Pyro’ person (who seems to have replaced Justin Bieber?).
    My blog chat’s with photographers about making one of their images. If you’re interested I’d be happy to feature you some time & link it to you on AllCity.
    Good Shooting
    Craig Sillitoe

  5. 7:24 am, May 29, 2011Jeanne  / Reply

    I’ll stalk you anywhere online. (Except twitter. I hate twitter) XOXO

    • 7:57 am, June 13, 2011Bob  / Reply

      @Jeanne I’ll stalk you back. And CharlieCat will stalk Emmy too.

  6. 4:32 am, June 13, 2011rainer  / Reply

    Hi Bob remember the two germans lost on 24th_ enjoyed our stroll through the neighbourhood. Thanks for sharing your insights. Enjoyed SF and hope to back soon. Great pics by the way. Rainer

    • 7:56 am, June 13, 2011Bob  / Reply

      Hi, Rainer! Thank you. I’m glad you had a gret stay here in SF.

  7. 12:07 am, October 3, 2011ryan  / Reply

    hey bob,

    The pic (TWO) is actually me and my sir! Its an awesome pic thank you…so im curious what u saw that caught your attention and decided to post it. I love art and am really really really honored to be your part of your work!

    • 10:14 am, October 3, 2011Bob  / Reply

      Hi, Ryan. You guys make a great couple – I wish I was single and playing with you (Mom, don’t be reading this thread).

      So what caught my eye was that you were standing in the clear, not in the middle of the crowd, against and interesting backdrop, and you were obviously a couple, with all the body posture that comes with that. I’m guessing you both were having a case of eye-ball overload by that point in the afternoon – it happens after a few hours at the Folsom Street Fair). You know, where you continue to gaze over the crowd but the overall impact has glazed your eyeballs. And forgive me for this, but the mischievous inner voice in my head was hoping you’d break into my favorite routine from a beloved pairing in the past: who’s on first.

  8. 11:13 pm, October 14, 2011Harvey Leviton  / Reply

    Are you the Bob Horowitz who worked at Herzl Camp in the early 60′s? If so, please respond to my email so we can get you our staff reunion information. Thank you.

    Harvey Leviton

    • 11:21 pm, October 14, 2011Bob  / Reply

      Sorry – that’s not me. In the early 60′s I was in junior high. But good luck with your search. I’m sure the Bob Horowitz you’re looking for is dashing, brilliant, and well endowed, like all of us are :)

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