How Do You Get To Carnegie Hall?

I am reminded of that old vaudeville joke about a boy carrying a violin.

The boy approaches an older man in a subway station, tugs on his coat sleeve, and asks “Excuse me, Mister.  How do you get to Carnegie Hall?”

And the man replies “Practice, my boy… practice.”

Bryant Street, San Francisco

Between Two Streetcars

 On the Embarcadero.

Yet Strangely Disconnected…

45th Avenue, San Francisco

45th Avenue San Francisco

Painted Ladies

Moon Over Noe

 St. Paul’s Church, Noe Valley, San Francisco.  2/13/2014


Market Street, San Francisco

The former Embassy Theater, now the former Market Street Cinema, has been reported to be haunted, and was featured in the TV series Ghost Hunters. The TV series claimed that over a 15 year period four mysterious and questionable deaths occurred here.


Things Got Really Interesting When They Switched To Knives

And kittens.

Circus Bella, Yerba Buena Gardens.

Magellan Endeavour

Jackson Street, San Francisco

Noe Valley, Through My Crystal Ball

Started writing a book about social unrest in Noe Valley this morning.  Ran out of material while brewing a cup of tea.  #BestSellerFail

Three Frames of Mind

Buckshot Bar

On Geary at 3rd.