• A New Era

    AllCitySF was formed almost exactly a year ago by Stuart Dixon, Bob Horowitz, Brad Evans and myself as a place for us to share photos and stories captured in and around the San Francisco Bay Area, with the occasional documentation of our travels throughout the country and across the pond.

    More recently, we invited veteran street shooter Vladimir Panasenko to the “Brotography” team, who has proven to be a perfect fit for our motley crew. As you’ve probably noticed, Vlad’s archives run deep – like back to the mid-to-late ‘60s, and we’re truly honored that he’s willing to share these gems with us and our readers.

    However, you’ve also probably noticed a lack of posting by some of us in recent months, namely myself, Brad Evans and Stuart Dixon. There’s no real reason for this, really, other than the three of us have been distracted with other projects and aren’t able to dedicate much TLC to the site.

    As a result, Stuart, Brad and myself will hand over our reins to Bob and Vlad and assume the role of “All City Alumni,” meaning we’ll still be part of the brotography movement in spirit, and maybe even chime in on the site every once in a blue moon…who knows. Also with this change, you might see the addition of a new member or two to the team in the coming weeks, amongst other goodness, so stay tuned.

    Thanks for all the support over the past year!

    Be easy…

    (Image from L to R: Stuart, Travis and Brad)

  • Cupcake Wars

    Strangers, Union Square, May 2011.  Based on the look in her eyes, I’d say she was about to launch the opening salvo, probably as revenge for that thing he did with the wedding cake years ago.

  • Spotlight on Tom Andrews

    I stumbled upon Tom Andrew’s Flickr photostream four years ago. He was one of the first street photographers to catch my eye – and for good reason. Tom’s photos of Los Angeles were stark, strange, and frequently sensual and provocative.  I fell in love with what I was seeing.

    In Tom’s own words, “I’m usually on the streets of Hollywood with my camera, where the mix of people keeps me hunting for the next photo. Hollywood has anything from celebrities to recently released inmates as subjects for photos. I never get bored walking the streets looking for people to photograph.”

    You can see why after the jump:

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