Taken By A 14″ Tall Photographer

Giant Mouse Cursor

Proof that we are all part of one massive computer simulation.

Talking Hands

True Love

One Man and Two Women

46th Avenue, San Francisco

Late Afternoon Stroll



Yes, It’s That Time Of The Year Again…

Note:  This year’s SantaCon will be held on December 14th.  Mark your calendars and check here for details.

Shopping with Grandma

And The Diagnosis Is…

Ectopia Cordis

A congenital malformation in which the heart is abnormally located either partially or totally outside the chest cavity.

Taken in Pescadero, CA… 50 miles south of San Francisco.

Two Women

Two Women

Jack “The Hat” Perkins, North Beach, San Francisco

A Seven-Word Story

On 24th Street.