• Not San Francisco

    Not San Francisco… but still, it’s only 60 miles out of town.

    Last night I met up with 5 other photographers to shoot windmills in the Sacramento River Delta. And much to my surprise, just outside the town of Rio Vista, we ran into a minor storm. For the first time in my life, I had a chance to photograph lightning. Okay, it was no midwest roof-shaker, but I don’t care. It was fun. And nobody got electrocuted.


  • The 5:33 Out Of San Francisco

    Because you can never have too many pictures of trains streaming past the camera… :)

    Note:  I’ve been playing a lot with black and white conversion tools recently.  In fact, this is a rework of a color photo I took last winter… converted to black and white this morning using Photoshop’s channels adjustment layer.  Channels is one of many B&W conversion tools in my toolbox.  Other options include Lightroom’s multiple conversion adjustments, Photoshop’s B&W adjustment layer, Nik’s Silver Efex Pro, and optikVerve Lab’s Photoshop plugin.  With all those tools, you’d think I’d publish more in black and white photos!  Well, I’m not there yet.  Most daunting to me:  each one of those options takes me down a different path and produces very different results.  Experimentation and selection of the best version can easily take an hour or more.

    Time to start thinking about this and maybe write up a primer on what I’ve found.


  • iPhoneography?

    Last week when out for a few beers with Travis, Bob, and Stuart, the subject of iPhoneography came up. There are a wide range of views out there about where and how that fits into photography in general. The four of us kicked that around further. I’ve been using my iPhone’s camera off and on for a few years, but never as a substitute for the dSLR I normally carry. I snapped the above candid photo along with a handful of others using my iPhone on a BART trek to Pleasanton yesterday, and overall was happy with the results.

    Relatedly, a week ago Travis Jensen and I returned from a six day 1,600 mile photo road trip across Nevada’s desert – heading east on Highway 80, and returning on Highway 50, also called America’s Loneliest Road. Not surprisingly, over each day’s driving and exploration, there were just a couple of hours in the late afternoon with decent light. That’s ignoring the early morning hours, better used for sleeping from staying out too late the previous night. During the day, at Travis’ suggestion, I shot most harsh light photos with my iPhone and was pleased with the results. My iPhone turned out being a great tool for daytime desert shooting, in some of the harshest light I’ve ever encountered. Continue reading  Post ID 15777

  • A Wonderful Bird Is The Pelican

    I know squat about birds but I’ve been told this is a juvenile brown pelican. Once highly endangered thanks to widespread DDT use in the environment, the brown pelican is making a strong comeback in the Bay Area. This young’un, perched on a pier on Crissy Field, was tame enough to let me touch him.

    One more photo and some Ogden Nash poetry for your pleasure after the jump:

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