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Today at the Berkeley Kite Festival.

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San Francisco, where extraordinary happens.

Sutro, Golden Gate

Bruce Gilden – Views About Photographs and Photography

There are a lot of Bruce Gilden videos available on YouTube. Most show the Magnum photographer working the streets of New York City in his element, snapping strangers with an off-camera flash as he walks by. It’s a style that’s distinctively his and one that many people and photographers find controversial. It seems most most love it or hate it, with little ground in-between.

The Gilden video above is a little different. What I found interesting about it were his views about photographs and photography. Here are some of the gems, paraphrased, I found most thought provoking:

- Work close. It’s worse to be across the street with a long lens and being a spy or sneaky. If it’s not good enough, you’re not close enough.

- Photographs have to be well composed and framed well.

- He doesn’t like images that are very clean and have no soul. Photos need to have emotion and soul.

- Photos should not reveal everything to the viewer. A good photo is where the viewer looks at the image and makes up his own story.

- Black borders keep the energy within the photo

- Go on your own and develop your own style. It takes a few years to do that, but then you can call it your own.



Spinning Shit

Yeah yeah… I know. I just can’t resist shooting things that spin in the night. This was taken Monday night at the California State Fair in Sacramento. One more picture after the jump.

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Cherchez La Femme

Ladies always get a prize at the California State Fair.  Guys?  Sorry.

Tenderloin USA Featured in San Francisco Chronicle

About a week ago, Travis and I hooked up with San Francisco Chronicle writer David Wagner for lunch at Little Henry’s restaurant on Larkin Street for an interview about our Tenderloin USA project. We figured the story would end up as a small piece somewhere in the paper’s Datebook section, but come Saturday morning were shocked to discover it made the cover – and the story was substantial! Check out the online version here.

Pictured above are Ashley, her dog Diamond, and Kenny, holding up the paper for the shot. They live in a building near Geary and Hyde along with a handful of other individuals we’ve photographed in the past, two of which are featured in our journal.

We’re now halfway past our goal of selling 300 journals and are stoked about the money we’re raising for Larkin Street Youth Services. To review or purchase Tenderloin USA Photo Journal, please click here.

Also, we’ll be having an official launch party for Tenderloin USA on Wednesday, August 10, from 6-10pm at Ever Gold Gallery, located at 441 O’Farrell St (between Taylor and Jones).  Will post a flier soon.  Please stop by if you’re in the area!

Stars & Bars

They Take Away Your Photoshop License For Doing Shit Like This

A long progression of doorways at Fort Point, made longer by one slightly deranged photographer.  To see the original, click below. And yes, I’m easily amused.  :)

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On Lombard