Happy Heteros #2

Market Street, San Francisco

From a series of portraits of customers at the Little Hollywood Launderette on Market Street.  Taken in the late ’90s using an old Ciro-Flex TLR camera.

Folsom, 2013

Hetero Euphoria


At the East Bay Vivarium, in Berkeley.

Full Speed Ahead

Ocean Beach Seawall, San Francisco

Dancing In The Street

Late For Work

That Time Of Year Again

FYI, San Francisco’s Dia de los Muertos procession and festival will place on Saturday, November 2nd, in the Mission.

San Francisco At Sunrise – By Cooper Morton

Late last week, Cooper Morton sent us a charming video of San Francisco from a perspective few of us get to see:  a bird’s eye view of the city through the lens of a GoPro camera mounted on top of a remotely controlled quad copter.  It’s my pleasure to link to Cooper’s video on YouTube — just click on the screenshot above to see the entire two and a half minute video.

Very cool!

Sincere Graffiti

Tenderloin, San Francisco

A Good Cop (!!!?)

Four Seconds In San Mateo